About Philip Spradbery

I have been a practicing scientist now for more than 60 years since beginning my degree course in Zoology at Queen Mary, University of London, in 1956.

After postgraduate studies at Rothamsted Research I became a qualified research entomologist and joined the European-based CSIRO Sirex Woodwasp Biological Control project.

I remained with CSIRO Entomology for 40 years (1963-2003) and was a Senior Principal Research Scientist (SPRS) although the last 15 years I was as an Honorary Research Fellow.

More than 100 publications, several books and book chapters later, I am still engaged in full-time research, exploring chemical communication in social wasps, utilizing the abundant and notorious European wasp in Canberra.

My research life has involved working in 35 different countries worldwide, including more than a decade in Papua New Guinea working on screw-worm fly - how fortunate is that for a biologist!


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List of Publications

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