Wasp Trapping with LaurieLure

LaurieLure instruction

The Trap

The trap is made from a 1.25L PET bottle (Coke bottle) with 3 holes of 1 cm (10mm) diameter about 15cm (150mm) from the base of the bottle. Easiest to make holes using a 10mm carpentry bit in an electric drill. Screw-caps retained.

The LaurieLure

The lure, sufficient for 5 traps, is made up as follows:

  • 6 tablespoons of honey (100 ml)
  • Dissolve in 2 cups of hot water (600 ml)
  • Add 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla essence containing 35% alcohol (6 ml) [Queen Red Label brand]

Divide lure between 5 traps (approximately 140 ml per trap), top up with water to just below the holes, replace screw-caps.

LaurieLure 02


  • Hang in sunny areas near water with twine or wire, ideally 2m above ground from branches of fruit trees with curly leaf, shrubs, fence posts etc.
  • Bait may take up to a week or so to activate.
  • Monitor traps regularly and shake up lure every few days.
  • Remove trapped wasps using a mesh kitchen strainer and bowl, re-use bait and top up with water.
  • Replace LaurieLure every 4-5 weeks.

laure lure in action

LaurieLure baited trap in action in the field.

wasps caught by laurie lure

A typical catch from a single trap, after sieving.

The design of the trap and the recipe for the lure/bait were developed by Laurie Nicoll of Metcalfe, VIC.

Laurie Nicoll - a Biography

Laurie Nicoll, who lives in Metcalfe, Victoria, is a well-known musician and inventor. His group, 'Crosswinds', is a 4-piece band based in Castlemaine, Central Victoria that plays bluegrass, folk, classic rock 'n' roll and jazz. They perform at weddings, corporate functions and festivals among a wide range of venues. Laurie has performed with Johnny O'Keefe, Ronnie Burns and John Farnham in his fifty years' in the music industry.

Laurie's greatest claim to fame perhaps is as an inventor of the Sound-Hole amplifier or 'SHamp' for acoustic guitars (www.shamp.com.au). Easily fitted and requiring no external power source, the device provides guitarists with the capacity to be heard in public places or when playing solo in an acoustic band. His invention caught the eye of the ABC TV show, "The New Inventors" and Laurie starred in an episode in 2010.

Laurie Nicoll's development of a simple but highly attractive and specific bait, 'LaurieLure', for trapping European wasps, including spring queens, provides a very useful tool for reducing the impact of the wasp in urban and rural situations. By trapping large numbers of spring queens the numbers of nests established may well be reduced.



Laurie Nicoll's band, "Crosswind" – Laurie Nicoll far left