Screw-worm Fly

The most damaging entomological threat to Australia's livestock industries in the tropics and sub-tropics is the screw-worm fly. The Old World screw-worm fly species (Chrysomya bezziana) is widely distributed in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea at our very doorstep.

If accidentally introduced, costs to the industry, unless a prompt and effective response is taken, have been estimated to be about AUD$1 billion per annum. The pest is also a threat to humans, companion animals and wildlife with all warm-blooded animals susceptible to this flesh-eating fly.

The use of the sterile insect release method (SIRM) or sterile insect technology (SIT) was developed and deployed by the USDA and UN Agencies and has been eminently successful. The technique has also been evaluated to combat the Old World species by CSIRO and is proposed for an eradication program in the Middle East.

SWF Two Species

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Diagnostic Manual

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SWF Surveillance

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SWF Barge Facility

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Risk Management

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Hybridisation Studies in the United Kingdom

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SWF Invasive Species Compendium

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