Spiders in the ACT

Many people have a dislike or superstition of spiders, but spiders perform a very important ecological role in controlling many insect pests. Someone estimated that the weight of insects eaten by spiders every year is greater than the weight of the total human race!

In Australia, there are about 2,000 different spider species, most unlikely to be seen by us as they are mainly hidden away in the daytime and hunt for their prey at night.

Very few have lethal bites but species of Funnel webs and the Redback spider are two and they both occur in the Australian Capital Territory.


The information presented here comes from the CSIRO Entomology booklet, 'Some Common Spiders of the ACT' prepared by Russell Moran and illustrated by Anne Hastings in 1988. It has been revised by Russell Moran for this website.

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