Sprad Artworks

Ever since school days when I was given every encouragement to paint and draw I have had an interest in making art. Although my old school's ambition for me to study at the Slade School of Art in London never eventuated, I was able to utilize my abilities, such as they were, to help me as a biologist and amateur journalist.

My school pictures earned some praise from the Royal Drawing Society (so-called 'Children's Royal Academy').

Cartoons and caricatures for student newspapers at Uni were fun as were artworks associated with the theatre and student reviews. I took every opportunity to study at local schools of art from the Art Department at Luton Tech in Bedfordshire to the Tasmanian Art School and the Canberra-based ANU School of Art.

Here is a random selection of artworks that remain in my possession either as originals or as photo images. I must admit that most look better on the small screen than they would on a gallery wall!

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