My scientific studies began with social wasps and will conclude with them, it seems. Nearly 60 years of studying the social behaviour of wasps and hornets in Europe, Australia and Papua New Guinea has proved a very productive and exciting field of enquiry and with very little competition from other colleagues - an advantage of working with an animal that can cause pain or even death and has modest commercial value! Virtually all my wasp research has been done as a privateer with little or no outside monies, scholarships or consultancy income. The only exception was my postgraduate studies at Rothamsted on an Agricultural Research Council scholarship (thank you, Professor Vincent Wigglesworth!). The European wasp awareness program in Canberra during the past decade has helped fund and provide material for my current research.

The WASP book published in 1973 was a significant highlight in my waspish career, but if we can define the chemical identity of the sterilizing pheromone in the European wasp, that will be the pinnacle, the culmination of a lifetime and especially the past 20 years research into queen control of reproductive physiology in social wasps.


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Euro Wasp Ecos

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European Wasp

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Annual Report: European Wasp Awareness and Insect ID Services 2015

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Canberra: Wasp City For Aliens!

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Wasps in ACT

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Australian Distribution: Past, Present and Future

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CT Scan of Wasp Nest

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Paper Wasps

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Potter Wasps

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Invasive Species Compendium: European wasp

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Wasp Trapping with LaurieLure

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Paper Wasps of Canberra

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