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Yachts & Sailing

Serious sailing began for me on arrival in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1971. Buying a 28-foot keel boat and learning to sail was a high point in my life. Sailing with friends on Weeneon the Derwent and beyond was memorable. A honeymoon cruise to Bruny Island on my Naiad III was even more so.

My interest in boats continued in Papua New Guinea with Caprice a 25 footer and then Even a 60-footer and previous Line Honours winner in the 1955 Sydney-Hobart Race. A 21-foot workboat and a Heron dinghy were also added to the owner's list.

I was in different Executive positions at the Royal Papua Yacht Club during my 12 years in PNG. During this time we installed a floating marina, represented PNG in a variety of overseas yachting events and hosted many international regattas in Moresby.

Two Sydney-Hobart races added to the experience. Broadening the sailing pleasures were cruises in Europe and visits to the 1983 and 1987 America's Cups. Read more...

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Modern Marina

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Paradise in PNG

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Papua History

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